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Hi, I’m Dave, Welcome to Web Initium

Web Initium discovering
Hi, I'm Dave, Welcome to Web Initium 7


The first step in getting started is of course finding out something exists.


Learning the basics is an important foundation to mastering any to


Next, we dive in deeper, researching much more in-depth areas.


Likely the most important part of learning something new, is that you should be enjoying it.

Web Initium or web “start” is like the name suggests all about getting started with something new, right here on the web.

For the foreseeable future, I’ll be spending time writing about a bunch of different topics, most of which will likely be about technology in one form or another. I’m hoping that many of you find this information useful and actionable. With each section, I’ll be starting from the point of view of a complete beginner and moving my way up to some more advanced items, so come along and enjoy the journey.

The first item I’m focussing on is blogging, so check out how to get started.