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Best Amateur Blogging Guide: Top Tips

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Everything you need to know to make a success of your blog when starting best amateur blogging.

Amateur bloggers keep making some mistakes that can be easily avoided, with this guide I’ll give you all the information you need to have a great chance at making a successful blog.

Blogging can be an incredible side-hustle, the entry costs are very low, so anyone can get started with blogging, and even amateur blogging can be profitable. But income is not the only thing blogging has to offer, it can help build your confidence, and be a place for expressing your creativity.

Let’s get into it,

How Can I Start Blogging as a Beginner?

Best Amateur Blogging Guide: Top Tips 6

If you think about it there isn’t a lot of components when it comes to blogging, you need a platform where you can post your content on and then your need content that you can put on the platform.

There are some more areas that you will need to know about, such as reaching an audience, but the primary items are getting a platform and writing content. We will handle all areas though, but I wanted to show that the basics of blogging really aren’t complicated.

Main Blogging components:

  • Blogging Platform – the place where you will be posting content
  • Writing Content – the posts that you will publish
  • Reaching a audience – getting views for your blog

Blogging Platform for Amateur Blogging.

There are so many blogging platforms that you can use when starting a blog, most online website builders do have blogging functionality, you can find plenty of great options using that link.

Choosing a blogging platform is really rather important when it comes to creating a successful blog, it will either enable you to write amazing content or it will be restrictive.

Each blogging platform has its own benefits, and some are definitely easier to use than others.

I’ll provide you with some options when it comes to platforms, but I strongly recommend WordPress, it just future proofs your blog. But I mean self-hosting your WordPress platform on a hosting provider such as Bluehost, not using the or the options.

Should I Use a Free Platform for Amateur Blogging?

I’d recommend against it, but nothing is stopping you if you just want to start getting some blogging experience, I’ll give you some examples on free platforms later in this post.

There are multiple problems with free blogging platforms such as:

  • Not having your own hosting, means that if a platform decides to shut down so too will your blog.
  • Domain name will include the free platform’s name as well, eg.
  • Can’t always add the plugins that you will need eventually
  • No control over the performance of your website
  • Limited storage which affect the number of posts you can write
  • Limited bandwidth which affects the number of people that can view your blog
  • Restrictions on getting your amateir blog monetized
  • Forcing the platforms ads on your blog.

So as you can see the list is rather long, and I’m sure I can make it longer if I keep on writing, but if you’re not too bothered by any of the issues with free blogging platforms, you’re more than welcome to give it a chance.

Best blogging platforms for amateur blogging

There is plenty of great blogging platforms out there for amateur bloggers, by far the most popular and in my opinion, the best blogging platform for amateur blogging is WordPress.

WordPress does require some technical ability though, but it is really easily learned, there is plenty of information online about getting started with WordPress. So you don’t have to worry about it being too difficult. In this link I describe the process of building a blog in WordPress.

If you’re tired of reading and just want to jump to creating a blog, check out Bluehost, they have an easy to use 1-click install method of getting WordPress installed on your website, it’s truly rather easy.

Free Blogging Platforms

As promised this section will give you all the informatoin you need about free blogging platforms:

  • Wix – In general it is a great website builder, and offers a free plan on which you can create a blog.
  • WordPress – The best blogging platform, they do have a free plan that they offer, but again I recommend a self hosted version.
  • Weebly – Another great website builder with a free plan on which you can make your amateur blog.
  • Blogger – Google acquired and you can create a free blog on it.

If you want some more free options, check out my list of website builders, where you can easily filter on only the free plans.

Writing great content as an amateur blogger

Best Amateur Blogging Guide: Top Tips 7

Okay, now you’ve chosen your blog platform then next thing is to start creating amazing content.

First you need to figure out what your blog is going to be about, you don’t need to set it in stone yet, but having a vague idea of what content you want to write about will help with the actual writing.

There’s plenty of tools online to help you with writing great content, you don’t actually need to be a great writer anymore. Install Grammarly to assist with your content writing, it will spell check for you and installs directly on your browser.

If you decided on using WordPress, I recommend using the pluging RankMath, it will help you ensure that your content is ready for search engines to index, by allowing you to insert keywords easily. This plugin has the best free features by far compared to the other SEO plugins.

A tip to keep in mind from early on, is to start writing content with Search Engine Optimization in mind, some of the best posts I’m sharing below, is chosen to increase the chances that someone will want to share the post and hence reach more people.

Great blog post types:

  • Well-researched and long form blog posts (2 000+ words)
  • List posts
  • How to posts

These post types are also easy to get started with, create a post on “how to get started blogging”, “how to use an air-fryer”, or “top 10 reasons to use white bread”

To help you with ranking high on search engines, which will help get organic viewers for you, you should concentrate on specific keywords.

Keyword Research for amateur blogging

Best Amateur Blogging Guide: Top Tips 8

Keyword research can seem a bit daunting at first, but the idea behind it is quite simple.

You’re looking for key words or phrases that people search for on search engines such as Google, but the trick is you’re looking for some that doesn’t have a lot of competion so that you have a good chance of ranking for those specific keywords.

Now there are plenty of tools to help you with your keyword research:

  • Google keyword planner: Free but has some limitations
  • Ubersuggest: Affordable keyword research, but isn’t as good as some of the more expensive ones.
  • Semrush: Rather expensive, but has some really amazing features.

Google itself is also one of the best keyword research tools, just search for a topic you want to write about, and see what suggestions google gives you.

Top WordPress plugins for amateur bloggers

The list of plugins that I am going to give you are ones that I myself actually use, and I think they’re great, most of them are free since I want to keep costs as low as possible.

  • Addthis – Great social sharing plugin that has floating icons and it’s compatible with AMP
  • AMP – Enables AMP support for your website, which improves your performance on mobile devices
  • Broken Link Checker – Helps identify any broken links, so that you can fix them.
  • Easy table of contents – Automatically adds table of contents to your posts, you can choose to disable them on certain posts.
  • Rank Math – Amazing SEO plugin to make sure your posts have the best chance of ranking on search engines.
  • Smart Content Filter – Brilliant plugin to create amazing filtered posts as seen on my list of high paying affiliate programs
  • Thirsty Affiliates – Manages your affiliate links
  • WP-Optimize – Incredible performance boost for your website, I’m only using the free version at the moment.

What is SERP for amatuer bloggers?

SERP refers to Search Engine Results Page, bloggers are always trying to improve their SERP results, some try to do so by building backlinks, others try to make sure their content is great.

There are some shady ways to improve your rankings, but if Google finds out you will be heavily penalized, so as an amateur blogger I would recommend against using shady tactics such as link buying to improve your rankings.

Search Engine Optimization for amateur bloggers

Best Amateur Blogging Guide: Top Tips 9

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of ensuring your content is written in such a way to make it more likely to be ranked higher. It actually goes a bit further, and describes all the aspects that flows into search engines to calculate where they will place you on their SERP.

There is a couple of tactics that you can follow to improve your SEO:

Technical SEO: This is the first item you should concentrate on, make sure that your content is written well, that it answers the questions that your readers has, and that your website is very fast.

Slow websites tend to have more people bouncing, if it takes to long to load people will try another website.

Link Building: This can be done in many ways, some people concentrate on guest posting which is the process of writing a blog post for someone elses blog with the intent of getting a backlink to your blog.

I’ve personally found that most blogs are charging for guest posts these days, and I found a place where you can pay someone to write a guest post for your and publish it, called Adsy and they are affordable.

Other methods include creating amazing content that people want to share to everyone.

Or reaching out to other bloggers asking them to link back to you.

Keywords targeting: Likely the best way, is to target keywords that have low competion, even if there isn’t many people searching for them, since your chances of ranking higher will be good, and with time natural backlinks will start coming in.

Best Practices when Running a Blog

You want to keep your amateur blog alive, so keep creating content, on a fairly regular basis.

There is no need to post daily, but try and post at least once a week, each time targetting different keywords.

Make sure you’re blog is being backed up, in case something goes wrong then you can revert to your backup.

Amateur blogger mistakes

  • Using a free platform
  • Long domain name
  • Not Changing permalink structure
  • Not posting consistently
  • Giving up too quickly
  • Wasting time on unimportant things
  • Not treating it as a business
  • Getting to SEO too late

Frequently Asked Questions

What are mistakes that every amateur blogger makes?

Amateur bloggers mistakes can be costly, the biggest mistake is using a free blogging platform since there are a lot of restrictions placed on free blogging platforms.

Is Blogging still profitable in 2022?

Blogging is still profitable in 2022, and won’t stop being profitable anytime soon. As a business, blogging has such low startup costs that it is hard to be anything but profitable.

With the proper tips, you too can make a blog profitable even as an amateur blogger.

How much do beginner bloggers make?

Amateur bloggers can expect to make anything between $100 and $10 000 depending, but it can take some time to reach these numbers, so don’t give up to early.

It takes some time before blogging becomes an income stream, so beginners often don’t make any money from blogging.

There are ways to speed up the time it takes to make your blog profitable, such as adding a consulting section to your blog.

How can I start a blog with no experience?

Almost all bloggers start out with no experience whatsoever, how will you get experience if you don’t start blogging?

I recommend using WordPress to start a blog, get your blog up and running, and start creating content, that’s the best way to build up some experience.

Summarising Amateur Blogging

Getting starting with amateur blogging is rather easy, you won’t be able to get experience if you don’t get sttarted with blogging. It can be an amazing source of income, with some bloggers making thousands of dollars each month.

Are there any questions that you have? Feel free to leave a comment.

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