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Epic Experiment on Using Guest Post Services

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A nearly sure-fire way to improve traffic and increase your SEO is to publish a guest post on blogs, but one thing everyone doesn’t know is that you can actually pay someone to write guests posts for you, so here I am where I’m going to run a little experiment with these services and use one per month and let you all know how it worked out.

Honestly, I find it rather difficult to write for someone else, for some reason, it feels like so much more pressure than writing here on my own website. If I can get someone else to write these posts for me and having it work would be amazing, don’t you think?

What is a guest post?

A guest post is when you (or someone else) writes a post on another blog that hopefully links back to your page in order to build traffic and increase backlinks to your website, which should help with increasing your rank in the eyes of google.

There are many blogs that will allow you to write on their behalf, but you have to go through a process of pitching your ideas, and waiting for them to get approved. These blogs have strict writing standards and rules about exactly what should go into your blog, and I have noticed that some of them don’t allow a do-follow backlink to your website, which then defeated the purpose…

The experiment

I tend to get writer’s block when I have to write a guest post, so I thought about other ways to start building backlinks, which is when I found these services where someone else will write the guest post for you, and I thought hey if this works then that would be awesome.

I have found a number of websites which offer to write a guest post for you, in return for some money. Since budget is a thing, I will be able to test out one of these per month and let you know how it went.

Fingers crossed that it works out.

If you want to join me on the experiment and don’t have a blog yet, check out how to create a blog, and then once you have created your unique blog you will need to learn how to monetize it, so we can hopefully make our money back.

The Guest post writing service websites

After scouring the internet for these services these are the ones I have found:

  1. Adsy – $20+ length depends on selection various DA websites
  2. Fiverr – $20+ length depends on the writer various DA websites
  3. Loganix – $200 for around a 700 word post with 30 average DA
  4. The Hoth – $100 per 500 word post on a blog with at least 10 DA

Lets get started with the experiment of purchasing a guest post on blogs

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October 2021

For comparison before starting with the experiment, this is what my Domain Authority looks like.

Epic Experiment on Using Guest Post Services 4

Nothing to talk about, I know… But I want to be as open as possible, so let’s see if these guest posting services actually help to increase the numbers

The 5th

I am just starting with the experiment, so the only thing I can report back on at the moment is the process I followed to order a blog post. I will update this post as I progress with the experiment.

Here we go, the first service I am using is Adsy, the total cost for a long article (will find out how long it is) was $28.57, placed on a website with a 78 DA. So rather cheap, but we will see what the quality turns out to be. I actually ended up buying another long article for $18.57 on a website with 30 DA, with the extra money they provided.

They actually give you a bonus of $25 once you make your first deposit, and you can only see the websites they will post to the ones you have funded your account.

It was a fairly easy process to find someone to write and publish for you, the site they will publish to is displayed and you can use multiple filters for things like country, niche, price, DA, etc. Pretty easy to find what you’re looking for.

The second 5th

Haha, so I spend some time looking around on Fiverr and found someone willing to write a 600-word post for $5, so I thought they might as well give it a shot if it’s $5!

He completed the post within 5 hours, and sent it to me for review, it wasn’t the best writing I’ve seen, but for $5 it did the trick and was posted to BuzzFeed.

The 6th

The first article I purchased on Adsy was sent for me for approval, I have to say it was much better than the Cheap Fiverr one I bought, but I’ll still give Fiverr a proper shot next month. You can have a look at the article here on Blogspot.

So stay tuned for updates to see how it went.

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