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How To Make Money From A Blog (6 Beginner-Friendly Methods)

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Now that you have created your blog, you might be wondering how do you make money from a blog? This is a reasonable question since financial independence is a big wish for most people around the world, in 2021 blogging has large income potential, in this post, you will learn how to monetize a blog so that you can start making money from a blog.

You really don’t need thousands of monthly visitors to generate an income, all you need is to know how to start monetizing your blog optimally for your audience size.

If you still need to create your blog check out these 7 steps to start your blog, then come back here to learn how you can monetize your blog.

How to Make Money From a Blog

  1. Coaching or consulting
  2. Accept Donations
  3. Courses or Ebooks
  4. Paid Content
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Enabling ads on your blog

Let’s start with monetization methods that work with the lowest monthly visitors and work our way up the methods that require large volumes of visitors.

1. Coaching/Consulting

If your blog is generating less than a thousand online visitors per month, this is the recommended approach to earn a decent income. It leverages your own experience and skills to generate income by offering help to people or businesses.

It does have the requirement that you’re skilled in something related to your blog so that you are in a position to consult.

Steps to monetize a blog

  1. Add a consulting or coaching page to your website with your contact details.
  2. Create funnels to this page, you can do this be creating links on your page or other pages that points to your consulting page, you can also leverage social media for this.
  3. Write Guests Posts to increase traffic to this page, ensure that you have a link that will bring viewers to your page.

As an example, if your blog is about plants, and you have experience with it, then you can offer coaching services to help your readers with specific problems. Add a money-back guarantee, to make it easier for readers to decide to take your advice.

To start with you can easily change something in the region of $100 per consult, and as you start developing your brand you can increase this charge.

Can you see that even just securing 10 clients would already bring you $1 000?

2. Accept Donations

How To Make Money From A Blog (6 Beginner-Friendly Methods) 4

Another great option, if you have quality content on your blog, is to give readers the opportunity to donate to your blog. If your readers enjoy your content then I’m sure there are some that will want to help you keep your blog posts coming.

GiveWP is a plugin for WordPress that will enable your website to receive donations, it’s quick and easy to set up as well.

3. Courses/Ebooks

A misconception that most people have is that you must be an expert to create a course or an ebook, this really is not the case. As long as your content is useful to your readers then there really is no need to be an expert, since you will have the opportunity to research your topic in order to make your course or ebook useful to users.

Create and package content in the form of a course or ebook and sell that to your readers.

Steps to Create a Course

  1. Pick topic that is in demand
  2. Create learning outcomes
  3. Gather the content
  4. Structure and plan the course
  5. Determine Price
  6. Launch

WP Courseware plugin can help you create really amazing courses, and easily place them on your website.

4. Paid Content

You can start offering some content only to paid users, if you create quality content then nothing is stopping you from doing this, you can create subscription plans and restrict access to premium content.

I would recommend that you don’t make your entire blog paid content, since your free blog posts will help funnel subscriptions to your paid content

Check out this membership plugin to enable subscriptions on your blog.

5. Affiliate Marketting

How To Make Money From A Blog (6 Beginner-Friendly Methods) 5

Once your website reaches a good number of monthly visitors, then you can start thinking about becoming affiliate partners with products or services that you can naturally promote on your website. Of course, you can start this early on as well, but it won’t be as effective.

Conversions or the number of members who purchase through your affiliate links are normally very low, somewhere between 0.5% and 1%. This means that if you are promoting a product where you get $10 per signup and you have 10 000 monthly users, then you will likely receive $500-$1 000 in that month from affiliate links.

But if you had 100 000 visitors instead, those numbers would increase to $5 000 – $10 000.

Here is a list of some great Affiliate marketing programs

6. Enable Ads on your blog

Similar to affiliate links, the conversion numbers are really low, so placing ads on your website only really becomes profitable if you have enough monthly visitors.

Easy Google Adsense plugin helps to make it easy to add ads to your website.


As you can see there are ways to make money from a blog even if you don’t have that much traffic yet, so when you’re blog is still in the early phases concentrate on higher yield options such as offering consulting services, and when you start getting some traction you can switch your focus to affiliate marketing and ad placement. So can you make money from a blog? The answer is yes you can, but it’s not always easy.

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